What do building managers do and why do we need them?

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We love to have our offices located in plush buildings and pay a regular maintenance fee to keep the premises looking well-groomed, tidy and upbeat. However, seldom do we delve into the nitty-gritty of building management and what we actually pay for. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, this blog explains in a nutshell what building managers do and why do we need them.

Building management and maintenance are integral components of building operations. The most important role of building managers is to see that a property and its facilities are well-maintained, in accordance with the needs of those occupying or using the premises.


What building managers do?

Safety and security of the users: Building managers ensure that the property is safe to be used by its occupants, employees or visitors. They have tie-ups with reliable and professional security service providers who can offer a host of service to ensure that your building’s occupants as well as assets are safe and secure. Along with ensure regular monitoring and servicing, a building manager can also arrange for 24/7 security guards and patrolling of your property and security keys and access cards for the occupants to ensure maximum safety for the premises and its people.

Repairs, upgrades and maintenance: Whether your building needs re-painting or a roof repair, a basement waterproofing or a plumbing job, you can safely leave the responsibility to a reliable building manager who will get the job done on time and in a precise manner. You need not even be there to supervise the repairs, upgrades or maintenance work! The manager will act as your representative and get the works done in compliance with environmental, health and safety guidelines so that the normal building operations take place smoothly and the value of your property is sustained.

Updating occupants about important news: Building managers also keep building occupants posted about critical updates such as water, electricity or service outages, scheduled shut-downs etc. so that they can act accordingly in advance. They also help with other janitorial service requests that the occupants may have.

Coordination between building facilities: A major part of a building manager’s job is to act as the link between various facilities departments in the building. From plumbers and electricians to cleaners, painters and cable guys – the manager deals with all personnel and efficiently oversees the work each department does to service the building and its occupants.

Emergency responses: Building managers are well-informed about space assignments and re-assignments within the building. They draw up emergency plans during evacuations and also bring in emergency response teams to assess the building’s condition and to shut off utilities. Furthermore, they prepare and deliver the property’s status report to the assembly point leaders.

Back-end operations: Apart from the above mentioned duties, building managers also take care of book-keeping, filing and documentation, property portfolio management, documentation and other paperwork that requires expertise in the building management domain.


Why do you need building managers?

Well, just imagine, in the absence of a building manager all the above tasks will simply go haywire! Any building or property requires a long term commitment and one must have the time to deal with routine maintenance and management issues that surface every now and then. With everyone minding their own business and having almost no time to look into the affairs of the building for common good, who will monitor such important aspects? The answer is right there – a building manager would!

So, hire a dedicated building manager to take comprehensive care of your property while you pursue your business. If truth be told – a building manager is not just a benefit, but a dire necessity!