Terms & Conditions

Building Management Service

The day-to-day practical and efficient operation of the property includes property maintenance, contract administration, liaising with Executive Committee of the Owners Corporation and maintaining the asset.


Ensure proactive Occupant and Owner relationship management ensuring Occupant and Owner Satisfaction.


The Building Manager will personally inspect the building at regular intervals to ensure that the physical aspects of the common area and leased environment are maintained, and that strategies are in place to minimise service calls.


The Building Manager will on a daily basis review the presentation of the building and its surrounds.


The Building Management team will maintain a focus on maximum financial return but not to the detriment of quality service to the Owners through sound physical management supported by sound financial and property reporting guidelines.


The Building Manager, together with the members of the Building Management Team, will be available to attend management meetings with the Executive Committee, the Owners Corporation and or Strata Manager’s representatives as required.


Building Management reports will include schedules of critical dates and routine maintenance issues.  We will provide advice to assist the Owners Corporation and Strata Manager to maximise adding value and capital growth of the asset.